Welcome in my life
As A Designer

Business Process Design

The past half year I gained experience in this competency. This is mainly caused due our assignment in DG000. I had to do two stakeholder researches, one for a playground game and one for our own project.

In the second semester I did a stakeholder research for my new own product. I tried to design fit it in the product lines of our stakeholders from the project briefing and tried also to give it my own expression. If there is a good connection between your product and stakeholder interest your product will be more easy a success.

Future Steps:
Therefore I would truly like to gain more experience in this competency in the future, because I think this is one of the most important competencies because it brings business and your product the most together.

Forms and Senses

In the competencie Forms and Senses I developed myself in different ways. I took a workshop in 3DS max, and Solidworks, here I developed my skills in expressing myself in a digital way.

I also made the posters for our concept posters, here I could express my form in an enviroment using photoshop.

And finally, I developed and made my own prototype prototype using wood plastic and textile. Futhermore, my work with the textile was quite rushed. So I want to work less rushed in the future and take more time building my prototypes

Futher Steps

  • I want to work less rushed and focus more on details and nice, finished work.
  • I also want to explore more materials when building prototypes.
  • I want to learn more about the use of solid works and 3ds max

Intergrated Technology

This competency is surely one of the most addictive ones. I found out I can spend lots of time soldering my first electronics circuits. It started with series of LEDs and I finished with fading SuperFlux LEDs connected to an Arduino.

I did also an assignment in DG000 for this competency, we had to make several circuits and hereby I made progress in my electronic circuits skills.

Future Steps

  • I want to explore the possibilities for the arduino more.
  • I want to build more dynamic and interactive circuits
  • I want to learn how to build an array with RGB LEDs

Teamwork and Communication

When entering this project I didn't know what to expect from a team. I never worked together with three other people for half a year.

But while doing this project my expiriences with working in a group and english risen fast

I have strongly improved my english the past half year.
Thereby I have improved my skills when working in a group. I was choses as the groupleader in the second semester and I enjoyed it in a good way. I listened to everyones needs and tried to take the right decisions.
I guess that worket out well!

Futher Steps

  • More structered group
  • English improvement
Ideas and Concepts

The center of idea generation at ID is brainstorming. Therefore it is important to develop the competency ideas and concept.

The past half year we brainstormed a lot, in the project, assignments, my work and the SDL activities.
I gained a lot more expirience with idea generation. I learned some brainstorm techniques, and I got some expirience with brainstorming in a group.

Further Steps

  • I want to become more creative and innovative so I will explore new techniques in this area.
  • Writing down all my ideas so I can combine them later on.
User Focus and Perspective

In this competency I did an assignment called UFP basics (DG300). It went pretty well and I enjoyed developping something for our target group. I also liked to learn the new techniques based on theories in this compentecy field.

Futher Steps

  • Doing more specified interviews.
  • Making more precise analysis.
Social Culture Awareness

I learned that is very important to know for what kind of group you are designing for, especially in the assignemtn UFP basics (DG300) I learned that your need to know pretty well for who you are designing for

THere for I gained some expirience in this competency but not as good to be aware of it.

Futher Steps

  • Gaining more expiriences to get awareness
Self Directed Learning

The past half year was in the theme of developing your skills in the competency Self Directed and Continious Learning. Because the whole study program is based on this kind of learning.

I gained awareness of how this study work, and how you are expected and in what way you have to learn stuff.

Futher Steps

  • I want to plan better.
  • I want to be less choatic and work more structered.
  • Gain more discipline while doing stuff.
  • Making more often reflections of the current activities
Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling

When I'm working I'm busy with programming and developing internetapplications and websites.
Therefore I already had expirience in the competency Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling

The past half year I also gained some extra programming expirience when progamming the arduino or using actionscript. However, this is not very related to the "Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling" competency but it is worth-mentioning.

Futher Steps

  • Learn more ID related programming
Design Research and Process

When doing an industrial design project you going repeatly through the same design process. When we brainstormed again on our project we had often to narrow down our ideas. You also have to ask youself what is nescesery to develop and what to leave it what is was.

Futher Steps

  • Develop a more structured design process
  • More focus on each aspect, one at a time.