As I mentioned before I'm a young internet entrepreneur. Therefore I started a business in the webdevelopment industry. Besides nicknames as, Willie, fat polish guy and fitnessboy, another nickname of me is Kazimi. This nickname knows a lot different story than the other ones.

When I was young I was inspired a lot by my grandfather. His second name was Kazimierz and I like the tone and feeling with this second name. When my internet-life begun at the age of 13 my chosen nickname was Kazimi. This because Kazimierz was an often used nickname. Since then I'm known on the internet as Kazimi en therefore it's also the name of my business.

Since webdevelopment is Industrial Design related, people told me to definitly include that in my showcase in the Extra Cirrucular section, so I can tell something about my development in this "competency"

Highlighted projects since October '11


Many artist are making beautiful work. The result of this hard work is just limited visible for a "few happy ones". We, at WanBuyOne, are having the opinion that this could be better! Therefore we are looking for creative people that are expecting more from their art.

Till the 1st of December there was a contest for artists to submit their work, they could be rewarded with an exclusive place in our upcoming gallery and a voucher of 250 euros for a famous and creative present shop in Deventer!

Future development

On the 1st of March a webshop (running the popular ecommerce CMS Magento) will be launched by me, where people can open their own creative shop!


Shop4koken is the online shop for the best and most useful utensils. We have a range of functional, ergonomic and beautiful kitchen of famous and lesser known brands. With the choices for the range, we are guided by our own desires but by the wishes of the customers. Our customer interaction including social media, we follow the question was posed before!

Running magento this was a great challange for me. I build this webshop from sratch off.
But it works very fast now, running magento. It's very safe when handling orders, privacy content and payments. Thereby it is Search Engine Optimized, using different proven techniques.

Future development

Upcoming brother webshops are shop4scharen, and other webshop from the shop4thuis concern.

Other projects

I'm have participated in different projects as PHP freelancer. Those projects differ from bungalow booking systems, payment gateways using ideal, zaypay and mollie, footballfan websites and to websites with automatic content robots.

The past half year I developed myself a lot in the competency forms and senses when designing websites as wanbuyone and shop4koken. I also developed myself in the competency Integrated Technology when writing tons of PHP rules for different goals mentioned here above.

Smart Homes Fair

I worked two days at the Smart Homes Fair in the Evuolon in Eindhoven. I learned their a lot about home intelligence systems.
I managed to get myself working at the readings so I could attend every reading.

I gained knowledge about the technology behind intelligent home system (that in 90% of the times using the same system called KNX). I also gained information about the applications of intelligent home systems.

As last I aslo saw Thomas van der Ploeg (ID student and rowing friend) winning the Smart Homes award with the company where he is working for.

Light Vision lecture

During the Dutch Design Week there some interesting lectures going on. I attended the lecture about applications of light technology in modern products, for, for example, hospitals, schools, and public areas. There were mainly speakers from Philips, so I got a good insight of what is going on in the most modern light developments in Philips.