Something Peronsal.

Hi! I'm Willem Rabsztyn. I'm nineteen years old and I live in Eindhoven. I was born in the city of Amersfoort and I grew up in Deventer (Overijssel).

My main goals every day is to spend every second of my time usefull. And to try something new as often as possible. Therefore I’m besides a driven Industrial Design student, a young internet entrepreneur at and

Besides my study and work I also like sports, I’m busy with rowing and I practicing some workouts in the gym with friends. When there is a good and strong wind i'll go out kitesurfing with a friend.

I also like cooking different recipies with my girlfriend and travelling around the world to see and expirience lots of new things, places, activities and views.

My past

When I was fifteen years old, my webdesign career began. I was challenged by a competition in my high school. Every thirdyear-class had to make a schoolpaper with a website. I chose to make the website on my one. That was my first introduction with HTML and CSS. I liked the process of building a website and the challenges I had to beat. After this schoolpaper website, different friends of my parents began to ask me to develop their website.

After a while my business became more serious and differten companies began to ask me for my knowledge and services.

So I started my own company, and there we are now! I have the most different, challenging and inspirering projects I would like to have. And I like doing my work because I can express myself in my own creative way. In the way of programming something and in the way of designing a website. Click here if you would like to read more about my projects with my company

Willem Rabsztyn


  • Handy with computers and technology
  • Expirience in webdevelopment and visual designing
  • Expirience with entrepreneurship
  • Expirienced with stress handling due lots of deadlines all the time
  • Expirienced with programs from Adobe used at ID


  • Planning is sometimes difficult
  • English can be improved
  • Can be chaotic from time to time
  • Can rush things badly

Attitude View

During the past half year, I have become acquainted with Industrial Deisgn. I became conscious that I made the right decision when choosing my creative, venturous, social and technical study!

When I look back at the past half year, I can see that I have grown. I have discovered new skills and improved some of them. The relation between development in projects and assignments really interests me, and it will interest me more and more the coming

I also found out that you need discipline. Nobody I coming to tell you what you have to do and when you have to do it, you have to become very independent. You have to do it on your own. This isn´t really new for me because I already have a company where you have to plan your things and projects yourself. But is still quite hard for me to do so. I´m not a great planner and I hope I will improve that the coming years. And I guess I will because
I´m becoming more adult and independent in several ways.

The way Industrial Design approaches learning intrigues me. You can learn what you want and in what timetable you want to learn it. On the other hand, the danger is that you can also get less out of it. I would like to get more out of myself then when I attended to high school and the regular method on high school. It is truly challenging me and the coming years would become fun!

My Vision

During the past half year practicing the study of Industrial Design I became more conscious of the way I want to see things and I became more conscious of what I wanted to scope with my design. I know (a little) better how to express myself in a design. This process will obviously continue in the coming years and I hope I will develop my very own identity in product design.

My current vision as a designer is to design and develop new intelligent and usable systems and products that help people with certain important things in daily life. That can be for people with a disability or a product with some function that improves or extend daily life. My ambitions as a designer are to help people to make life easier or just to make beautiful things to inspire other people.

I like clean and simple design, or design inspired by the shapes and properties of nature. Creations by or inspired by nature, is inspiring me often. That also includes mathematical shapes as minerals also behave in a certain way. Besides this, my designs have to be effective in different ways of functionality.

My other ambition as a designer and a person, is to continuously develop myself and expend my vision of design and life. I want to evolve myself continuously.

I also want to have a broad view of business (models) because I’m also having a business in webdevelopment and I have experience with some businesses I have made websites/webapplications for.