Flash from Lucid

I subscribed myself to a three day long Flash workshop from Lucid. It was quite interesting even when I'm webdesigner. I never worked serious with flash yet.

Forms and Senses
I learned to express myself in flash in the way of linking objects and creating some animations. Hereby I can make fast prototypes in flash. To express my ideas when turning it into a working prototype/concept.

Integrated Techonology
We also got some start with touching actionscript. This is the script language of Flash. I already had expirience with javascript so I could borrow some knowledge from there when programming in actionscript. Actionscript helped me to make some more complex interactions with the user.

Solidworks workshop

I wanted the ability to express myself more in present 3D modelling programs as 3DS Max and Solidworks so I subscribed myself to both of those workshops.

Forms and Senses
We made two product parts that would fit together. When we finished those we assembled them in en assambly file of solidworks. In this workshop I learned the basics of solidworks, and where to find the function you need. I'm now more at easy with solidworks

3DS max workshop

As mentioned before I wanted to have the ability to express myself more in present 3D moddeling software. Herefore, I also subscribed myself to the 3DS max workshop

Forms and Senses
We had to model an USB stick in 3Ds Max, after finding all the controls and views we needed we could start with the moddeling of the USB stick. I learned my first steps in the moddeling world of 3DS max. I think 3DS max is quite hard to learn because it is so advanced and it has lots and lots of options to chose from. Therefore it requires more training before I can proper use 3DS max.

Arduino workshop

I never used an arduino yet so I also wanted to gain some expirience in this area of Industrial Design. The workshop was given by another first years student who already had some expirience with the arduino.

Intergated Technology

We practiced with some LEDs and I learned to connect the computer to a breadboard using the Arduino. I made my first arduino progamming steps and liked it! I was sure I would use this as much as possible in the coming semester.

DDW Drive

While it was Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Lucid offered us to join us in their tour through al the highlights in the Dutch Design Week.

Ideas and Concepts

The Dutch Design Week, was one of the most inspiring trips I have ever made! I found lots of super ideas. The most inspiring part of de DDW drive was the 5 minute museum to my opinion. I also found the exhibitions in Strijp very motivating and inspiring


When we had our SDL weeks, I decided also to do some PHP development. I would gain some expirience with implementing mollie, a payment gateway in a marketplace system.

Intergrated Technology

I learned to implement an API in another system so they could communicate with eachother. I also learned to safely exchanging information by the two systems. This would retain people for making fake payments.

Workshop reflecting

When subscribing myself to different workshop, I also subscribed myself to the workshop reflecting.

This was a very interesting workshop since we got lots of tips and tricks for how to reflect in your showcase. You can find the results of this workshop troughout this whole showcase!

I definitly also enjoy the things I have learned in that workshop in the future because I have still lots of showcases to make.