DG200 Creative Programming

I already have some experience with programming, but I never programmed in a clearly visual and creative way. That's why I chose to do this assignment. The first week was not very interesting for me, they explained the basic syntaxes of programming. However the weeks thereafter were interesting. I got new sights of programming, focusing on visuals.

The first assignment within the creative programming assignment was to generate a visual composition exported on a PDF. I wrote a fractal algorithm where I made tree's out of. However, only trees were not enough for me. So I made an earth with lava and trees for the algorithm.

Processing rendering of a my tree, click to enlarge

Processing rendering of my earth, click to enlarge

I learned from this first assignment to program in a new language; processing, I also learned to write a visual algorithm and express this algorithm in different contexts. The second assignment was to include a webcam to create interactivity within your programmed sketch. I included the webcam to create interactivity with a tree. By moving your arm upwards it grows, and moving to the left it starting to bloom

DG504 Product platforms and roadmapping

I subscribed myself to the "Product Platforms and Roadmapping" where I learned about relations between concepts, technical possibilities and commercial aspects. We also obtained knowledge about key buying factors (and the rapid evolution of it), industrial trends, customer interest, supply chains, and many market know-hows. We discussed the multi-disciplinary decision making of many brands in presentations. We assessed technology in different products and looked up the parts of it to make a supply chain.

We had to do a weekly presentation

Week 1

For the first assignment we had to analyse the features, development of features and the market share of brands, of the first smartphones about 20 years ago.

Week 2

The second assignment was about smartphone development over time. We had to analyse the beginning of the smartphone era till the smartphones nowadays.

Week 3

This week we had to analyse the features of radio, we choose a Philips radio. We dessambled it, analyzed the parts and tracked the sources of the parts.

Week 4

We had to analyse a businessplan of a machine, we choose to analyse the coffee machine and light out the business aspects of the product.

Week 5

In the final presentation we had to think out our own businessplan of one of our project products. We choose to analyse the meetmate and make a concrete and clear businessplan for it.

DG628 Creating Visual Information

Apart from the weekly reflection, I learned a lot of different things. Not only in the way of designing visual information. But also in terms of presentation, communicating, taking comments from fellow students and criticly thinking about others work.

Week 1

In the first weeks I made the acquaintance of many different composition terms as visual weight, tension and focussing points. I didn't had many feelings for making a good collage of objects but by looking at the work of others I got inspired and got a more concrete feeling of making a composition.

Week 2

The second week I extend my feelings of typgraphy and looked good at the message that the font communicated without writing a communicating word. I found a font that communicated my message with the letters itself without writing the word. I also explored the possibilties when making a overlapping design within different scale boundaries, like a poster, cd cover and business card.

Week 3

The third week I tried to use the knowledge and inspiration I gained the first week when working with the composition exercises and presentations. I succeeded in this partly but there still where comments on pages where the balance of visual weight was a little unbalanced.

Week 4

The fourth week I tried to sketch the interaction with my current project product. This was a hard exercise for me because I had to really think about how to do it. My sketching skills weren't also very perfect, something to improve in the future. The end result got the feedback that the timeline I wanted to express, wasn't clear enough.

Week 5

The last week we had to make a portfolio, I thought about the way of presenting it. The finish was a sloppy but the idea behind is was good. I learned to think out of the box presenting something.

In short, I discovered and explored the beginnings of balancing a composition using tension and focusing points. I also learned to express myself in different visual communication techniques and styles. Thereby I learned to prepare myself better when doing a presentation, something I didn't bother from before.

think I'm able to use the gained expirience of this assignment in the future of my ID study and carreer when presenting something visually.

There are still lots of things to learn but I surely think I will expand my expirience in visual communication in the future with a new knowledge formed with this assignment!