Something Peronsal.

Hi! I'm Willem Rabsztyn. I'm twenty years old and I live in Eindhoven. I was born in the city of Amersfoort and I grew up in Deventer (Overijssel).

My main goal every day is to spend every second of my time useful. And to try something new as often as possible. Therefore I'm aside from a driven Industrial Design student, a young internet entrepreneur at and

Aside from my study and work I also like sports, I'm busy with rowing and I practicing some workouts in the gym with friends. When there is a good and strong wind I'll go out kitesurfing with a friend.

I also like to cook different recipes with my girlfriend and travel around the world to see and experience lots of new things, places, activities and views.

As a webdeveloper owning the company Kazimi. I'm working on two parts of this business field. I develop websites and webshops for my customers, and I generate lots of ideas with friends of mine. Some of those ideas are becoming true. I enjoy the second part of my work the most. Its making an idea become reality. You maybe can called it a dream become reality, you dream about your ideas and you make then come true

My past

When I was fifteen years old, my webdesign career began. I was challenged by a competition in my high school. Everyone in his/her third year had to make a schoolpaper with a website. I chose to make the website for our group's paper. That was my first introduction to HTML and CSS. I liked the process of building a website and the challenges I had to overcome. After this website for our paper, various of my parent's friends began to ask me to develop their website.

After a while my business became more serious and various companies began to ask me for my knowledge and services.

So I started my own company, and there we are now! I have the most differing, challenging and inspiring projects I always wanted to have. And I like doing my work because I can express myself in my own creative way. In the way of programming something and in the way of designing a website.

B1.1 showcase

Willem Rabsztyn


  • Handy with computers and technology
  • Experienced in web-development
  • Experienced with entrepreneurship
  • Experienced with stress handling due to lots of deadlines all the time
  • Experienced with Adobe software used at ID


  • I can tend to lose sight of the overall picture from time to time
  • My English could use improvement
  • sometimes my attitude may seem nonchalant or careless while it's not meant to be like that.

Smart Goals

Based on the advice from our Coach Elise, I tried to define several smart goals. Due the fact I never used SMART goals, it was hard for me to define good SMART goals.

You can download my SMART goals here

Attitude View

During the past year, I have become acquainted with Industrial Design. I became aware that I made the right decision when I chose my creative, venturous, social and technical study!

When I look back at the past year, I can see that I my expertise has grown. I have acquired new skills and improved some of the ones I already had. The relation between development in projects and assignments really interests me, and it I expect it to interest me more and more the coming years.

I also found out that one needs discipline. Nobody will tell you what you have to do and when you have to do it, you have to become very independent. You have to do it alone. This isn´t really new for me because I already have a company where you have to plan your things and projects yourself. But it is still quite hard for me to do so. I´m still not a great planner and I think I will improve that during the coming years. I already notice that it is improving.

The way Industrial Design's approaches in learning intrigues me. You can learn what you want and in what timetable you want to learn it. On the other hand, the danger is that one can also get less out of it. I would like to get more out of myself than when I attended high school. Industrial Design truly challenges me, and I expect the coming years to be lots of fun.

Attitude reflection

I was very unsatisfied with the reflection my coach gave me. She wrote that she wasn't impressed by my performance this semester and that I did not developed myself enough. This reflection disappoints me very much due to the time and effort I did put in the last semester, and the relating projects and assignments. However I could recognize myself in some of her comments, for in this semester there have been several moments of slack in my working attitude.

I was too nonchalant and I gave people the impression that I was somehow careless. My coach talked to me about that, and shortly after that talk I also received a comment from one of my assigners about that same issue. I started thinking about my attitude and I've tried to change it.

The weeks thereafter I did not spoke my coach personally, but the assigner did mention in his reflection that my attitude really did change over time. .

At some points--I must admit--I had my doubts about you during the assignment. You were often quiet, sometimes late, occasionally checking your phone, which made me afraid that you did not understand how much the assignment depends on everyone's effort. I put 200% in all my teaching/coaching which I can only do if I receive energy back from my students (whom I take very seriously). Looking at you reportfolio though reassures me completely, as did talking to you in person. You are eager to learn and improve and put the bar high! I am very impressed by your reportfolio and the honesty of your reflections. Looking at your work I think you made huge progress and am confident that you will keep making steps if you keep your self-criticism. It was very good having you in my assignment.

My coach also wrote it seems as though I was "the least contributing member of the group".
Looking back at the last couple of weeks, I can hardly say this was not the case. Since the designing of the Solidworks models, space has grown, maybe unconcious between me and my fellow group members.

Camiel and I started together on developing solidworks models. When we laser-cut Camiels model we started assembling it in Vertigo, I continued making improvements in our solidworks model, and started thinking about a flower, while my collegues were busy assembling the robot arm.
However, the second laser-cut model was also from my collegue, Camiel. When I tried to contribute something to the project I got the feeling that Pim or Xander wanted to improve my contributions in their ways. This was unintentionally by them, but I felt somehow useless when being in Vertigo. Therefore I started focusing on the project report in stead of assembling the prototype.
However, after I did finish the biggest part of the report, we finished the report togehter with all our contributions and send it to our Coach Elise.

When she replied that the report could use a lot of improvents, Xander and Pim started to intimately work on it together. I did contribute were I could but in the "second iteration" of the report the most work came from Pim and Xander.

On top of that, my coach mentioned that I was "often late, much later than your colleagues, you left early". I didn't quite agree with this remark, for instance, we shared some "sorry-too-late"-cakes but just one of those was mine.

The groupwork didn't went as well as I expected but when I look at my attitude in the group of my DG504 assignment, it is not the fact I'm not able to work in a group. It just went not as good as I hoped that I worked out.

I also asked my colleagues to write a peer review about me and you can read that and more in the Teamwork and Communication competency


Aside from my conclusion in the Teamwork and Communication competency I certainly want to appear, and be more proactive from beginning till end. I want to contribute as much as I can. I'm eager to learn and I'm sure I did learn a lot last semester.