SDL activities

Biomimicry workshop in Leiden

In the beginning of the semester I joined a workshop about bio mimicry. I subscribed myself to this workshop because I did like design out of a bio mimic perspective. I wanted to explore if there would be ways of thinking out the pillars of bio mimicry.

We started the day with a lecture of Peter de Graaf, called "Darwin & Design" followed by a discussion about the lecture. Bas Sanders gave the lecture about "Life's Principles: nature's design rules" also following with a discussion about it. Then we got a workshop; we had to analyse iphones from out the perspective bio mimic aspects, and how we could improve that. The day ended with a tour through Naturalis.

I gained that day insights about design from out a bio mimic perspective. It was different then I expected, because I expected an approach focused on design. However all aspects of creating a product were discussed in the lectures and workshop. I succeeded with my goal that I wanted to explore if this could contribute in my way of thinking. My conclusion is that bio mimicry is a very interesting way of designing. But for me now as a B12 designer it is to specified to fundamentally design out.

Kenyan Jewelry

David Dass and I had the idea to import nice Kenyan jewelry and sell it in the Netherlands in a webshop. Therefore we started doing market research and prepared us for presenting of the jewelry. We initiated a photoshoot in the ID photostudio, and asked three girls to model for our jewelry. Oda Landsman, Naomi Verdaasdonk and Fleur Diks (non-ID) participated in our shoot as models.

While doing this shoot we got explored the use of different photographing perspectives and the use of light.

However, after the market research we came to the conclusion that there was to less demand in the Netherlands to only sell Kenyan jewelry. The product category was too specific to find enough online customers.


Exploring china presentation

I joined the lecture exploring China by K.v. Dam, where the new chances were discussed about the very fast growing (economy of) China. The conclusions of the lecture were that you can see the development everywhere. For example, the daily view of fashion is changing and is giving more and more space for Chinese models.

When China is becoming richer and richer China is also becoming more a western culture looking at their lifestyles. However Chinese students think very much in ways they learned, European and especially Dutch students are lots more creative when thinking about problems. This is the main factor where opportunities come from when doing business with China.

Audi sound design presentation

I joined a lecture about creating experiences in Audi cars. Further on in the lecture there was focused on the sound of the car. Details within the car make the car perfect. Other experiences, often unconscious experiences make the big car experience as a whole.

Lecture about scent marketing

A lecture about scent marketing, by the company Smartnose, also drew my attention. I'm interested in different ways of marketing. The lecturer showed us divers examples of scent marketing. At the end of the lecture I could conclude that scent marketing could be a very interesting way of marketing because it is very unconscious and remarkable. However, it is hard for an ID student to use this way of marketing because it is very specific and requires lots of chemical tests and knowledge.

Creating an interactive lightning system

This was a three day workshop, splitten in different parts. The first day we had to brainstorm on different concepts for an interactive lightning system. We had to pitch our concepts and ask the audience for their opinion. That day we also had to pick our concept we want to work out.

The second day we had to work out our concept, it was a kind of interactive play table. I was in the techiniqual team. We used flex and pressure sensors, connected to strips of RGB LED's. Using the pressure sensors we programmed behaviour that changed colors when triggering the sensors.

The last day we had to finish our concept and pitch it in the living lab at the HG

Within this workshop I learned to rapid prototype and to program sensor connected the ardiono. I fulfilled the SMART goal to create an interactive arduino system using an input reacting to an output.


When I got the chance to participate in a trip to Milan I immediately took it. For me it sounded like a great experience to learn and become inspired by great designers from all over the world.

Before going to Milano I defined some goals

  1. I want to learn more about good presentation and product pitching skills. I also want to look at the building of a stand.
    Why? Presentation and pitching skills are important to sell a product or to tell a good story of a product. Therefore I want to look at the big brands how they presentate and pitch themselves.
  2. I want to gain information and inspiration in different kind of design areas for form and senses
    Why? There are surely lots of interesting design brands on the Milano fair. I want to take a look on how they design and what they design. This is to expand my view on design and maybe gain some interesting inspiration on my current project.
  3. I want to try to photograph products in a nice way
    Why? I just bought a new Canon 600D with three lenses. I want to experimentation with product photographing to improve my product presentation skills.
  4. I want to gain more information and insight in the design world (of Italia) and know what and the big leading brands are and how they work.
    Why? As a designer is it important to know what happens in our kind of business, I want to know who the big players are for some basic knowledge of the design world

Below I will show some highlights of the Milano design week

Milano reflection

After the week in Milano I got a better view on the design world. However I couldn't place everything because I'm not an experienced designer. When I saw a really nice design my mind didn't came farther than, "wow that's really beautiful" . Maybe I asked myself; "how did they make it" or I felt the material they used. However I'm to less experienced to give it a good place in my mind. I think if I will come the coming years to the Milano design week, I will be more able to "see" things, beyond that they are "really nice".

Journalist workshop

First week

I missed the first week because I couldn't remember that I subscribed myself. The first week was about dutch grammer and commen mistakes in it. I read through the slides and picked up the most important stuff out of it.

Second week

Everyone had to prepare a short news article what was important for him or her. I wrote an article about my own project WanBuyOne. We talked about everyone's article and everyone got some tips to improve and extend his or her article. After this part of the workshop we assigned places and different types of articles to each article. I got a news article of about 700 words. Afterwards we made some pictures for our colophon parts.

Third week

This week we extended our articles. We started the workshop with an exercise about writing fromout different senses. Afterwards we had to review the articles of each other and talk about with eachother. We also had to assign streamers, leads and titles.

Fourth week

This week we met up at the cursor headquarters. There we placed our articles in a real cursor newspaper. We also had to review our improved articles again.

Overall reflection

I learned to writing in a more easy way. I also learned to watch different things and take distance from a subject when writing about it.

Creating a businessplan

After the DG504 "Product platforms and roadmapping" assignment, I got new insights of how markets work. Meanwhile I was brainstorming with a friend (studying Business Information Technology at the UT) about a new internet concept, a more social marketplace. Therefore I got challenged to make a business plan with both our knowledge bundled together. I made a smart goal for myself and reserved two SDL days to write this business plan together.

What I learned with writing this business plan is to translate the insights I got in the DG504 assignment and to apply this obtained knowledge when analyzing markets and looking for gaps in the current market.