Our society is evolving every second in a more modern society. Therefore new opportunities continuously are being created. As a designer of products and services I want to seek for those opportunities and try to address and fulfill those.

In the future I see more and more integration of the internet in the daily life of modern society. My prediction, and the one of many others, is that the borders between daily life, internet and technology will become vague in the future. New technologies can create an impact in the societal context. I want to address those opportunities, and design new intelligent, usable and sustainable products, services and concepts.

Vision on design

During the past year practicing the study of Industrial Design I became more conscious of the way I want to see things and I became more conscious of what I wanted to scope with my design. I know more and more how to express myself in a design. This process will obviously continue in the coming years and I hope I will develop my very own identity in product design.

I like clean and simple design, or design inspired by the shapes and properties of nature. Creations by or inspired by nature, is inspiring me often. That also includes mathematical shapes as minerals also behave in a certain way. Besides this, my designs have to be effective in different ways of functionality.

In the future, I want to design fromout the properties of nature and use as less ass needed logical elements in my design. Design must be efficient, simple, usable and above all seducing.