Willem Roman Rabsztyn

Analyzing the current trends is essential to prospect the opportunities of tomorrow.


Creative Electronics

Why did I choose this assignment?

I chose this assignment to mainly improve my integrated technology skills. This because I sensed that I had to less experience with electronics last year. Arduino went reasonably well but the electronics part was always a bit of difficult point. When subscribing myself to this assignment I hoped to improve my knowledge of this subject to a level where I could easily draw easy to average circuits for prototypes, so I could also prototype my concepts with a greater efficiency.

How did I experience the assignment?

I experienced the assignment as rather difficult. The assignment consisted of a practical and a theoretical part who pooled good together. On my high school I also learned the very basics of electronics. However it was a switch to do this with another approximation, also the names of known terms were different than I used. The exercises were very time consuming just as the practical assignments. It was a hard, almost daily, activity. However I feel that I really learnt something from every assignment. We also asked help from other people that already enjoyed this assignment when doing the exercises.

Also the final assignment, where we build an autonomous sailing vessel, really helped me to give me understanding of what these skills could do for me.

What did I learn from this assignment?

Compared to the beginning and the end of the assignment I really can feel I different in activities with electronics. In the beginning I only could construct some basic circuits with no more than a led. Now we are able to construct, calculate and more import explain, how more advanced circuits work.
 Also the lessons were a really good base and connection for me to the exercises. In the end I’ve the feeling I really learned something concrete. Also the practical part really helped me to generate awareness about the theoretical aspects I’ve learned.

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DG401 Reflection Trends Cockpit

I chose this “Trends Cockpit” because this fits in developing my vision. A part of my vision contains the aim to “look for new opportunities created that arise every day.” I aim on the fact that our society is changing every second and therefore a more modern society is developing. Therefore new gaps and opportunities arise for bright ideas combined with the newest technology.

Based on this ambition, I was planning to grow in this area of thinking and scenting. This was the main reason I chose this assignment and participated along this with a clear bright view.

This assignment changed my way, of thinking about society, looking for trends, looking and thinking about objects and designers, and interacting with your audience when presenting.

Overall it is important to not become a trend follower but the trend-setter of the future. I hope I will succeed this big challenge within my Industrial Design study. This assignment clearly helped me in the way doing this and shaping my vision.

Willem, you are very good and active student. You are constantly seeking for more knowledge as well searching for deep understanding of subject. Your reflection exactly reflects your thoughts and way of thinking. You are very ambitious and driven to self-learning.
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Risk Society

For the academic development course I chose “Risk Society”. This was an unexpected very interesting topic to discuss about. As a final deliverable we had to write an essay on one of the four essay topics given. I decided to work together with a fellow student, Nino Spasojevic. The teamwork went very well. We started early planning our essay. We chose a topic. Started reading more about this and made a set up. We divided the tasks and started writing. As the deadline approached we only had to finish some details and hand it in. Very nice to work on an interesting topic and plan your work well.


This essay attempts to establish that the objections to CBA are sufficient for rejecting it as a decision rule. The paper shows a good competence with the subject matter, however, the authors did not defend a valid argument, as was assigned. The authors premises do not entail the conclusion. Also, the authors’ section in which they consider objections do not consider objections to specific premises, but rather, consider in a general way some objections to their position. The objections section is also rather short, and this is problematic given that I mentioned this was the most important part of the paper. (6)

However the mark was a quite disappointing. I’ve the feeling I did learn much of this assignment. This was a very different perspective of the world and analyzing the world. This opened my mind to think about things in another way. Also the all of the matter about the subject that I’ve read was interesting. And in that way I’ve also learnt something about the subjects within “Risk Society”.

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