Willem Roman Rabsztyn

Analyzing the current trends is essential to prospect the opportunities of tomorrow.

Ideas and Concepts
Self Directed Learning
Descriptive Mathematical Modelling
Integrating Technology
Forms and Senses
User Focus and Perspective
Socio Culture Awareness
Designing Business Processes
Design and Research Processes
Teamwork and Communication
Descriptive Mathematical Modelling

Ideas and Concepts

This image shows an abstract visualisation of idea generation out of gray dust © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Ideas and Concepts


This semester I shaped lots of ideas to concepts. However the scope of the aim within my project was quickly made, there were enough ideas generated. The main development for me within this competency related to the project was to assemble all the different ideas of the website in one big concept. I analyzed all the ideas and combined the most interesting of them with my own ideas to form a solid concept for an operative Protei.


One of my SMART goals was to capture all my ideas that come into my mind. Therefore I chose to use the platform Evernote. In this program you can create notebooks and capture your ideas in every form. I wanted that this method of capturing ideas became a habit for me. I succeeded in this. With about 18 notebooks filled with about 120 notes this will help me with holding track of my ideas.

Trend watching

Within this assignment I also developed myself in the scope of ideas and concepts. The assignment learned me to think into the future with an creative and realistic mindset. I’ve learned to become aware of the trends within a specific business. I can see trends within specific scopes of aspects of products. For example, the medical industry is developing within functional aspects as well as forms and senses of the products. In all these aspects of a product are different developments. Based on those trends you can generate more specific ideas coming to more successfully ideas.


For WanBuyOne I had to generate ideas that would fit within the creative community of artists. I had to develop concepts of interaction that would approach different artists in the right way. I also learned here to think creative in a specific scope of target audience.

Future development plan for “Ideas and Concepts”

I hope to develop a skill that will allow me to think about the essence of things and in this way come up with ideas that will create a spaces for new ideas. I want to do this with learning new brainstorm techniques, therefore I will read the book …. Or do an ideas and concepts assignment

Integrated Technology

This image shows an abstract visualisation printboard © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Integrated Technology


With the creative electronics assignment I learned many about circuits, resistances, diodes, Norton and Thevenin, Kirchoff, KCL, KVL, inductance, etc. I also learned to apply to make an intelligent object using circuits and an Arduino.

Assignment “Creative Electronics”

The Creative Electronics assignment is a double assignment also consisting of two parts; the theoretical part and the practical part. In this assignment I learned lots about the basic aspects of electronics within the scope of electrical engineering. This is now an excellent base to develop electronic circuits, calculate them and build them.

The practical part of this assignment was focused on development within Arduino and developing an intelligent object. While developing the intelligent sailing boat I learned to work with the workflow of creating and calculating a circuit-sketch and then building the circuit it. First I just build something and tried things using the popular “trial and error” method.

Project “Boat Electronics”

When developing the big catamaran I had to make it autonomous. Therefore I bought the autonomous sailing boat of one of the previous Wild Robots students. This sailing boat was capable to sail on the basis of a wind direction sensor and digital compass. I recalibrated the code and improved some rules of code.

Social Culture Awareness

This image shows an abstract visualisation of aboriginal art © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Social Culture Awareness

Assignment “Trends Cockpit”

The assignment Trends Cockpit mainly develops in the scope of Social Culture Awarness. This assignment focus to learn “trendwatching”. Both the desk work and fieldwork was approached in this assignment. With this assignment I’m able to filter trends out of the big picture and be aware of what is currently trending and what will trend. I’m also able to see the design style within specific products and to predict the future.


For WanBuyOne, I focused myself a lot on the social community of artists. I tried to become aware of what this big group thinks and how they work. I’ve done this with interviewing different artists with the aim to know what they would like to see on WanBuyOne. What kind of functionalities there should be and how they should work and look like. With research I developed myself within the Social Culture Awareness competency.


The Protei project will eventually need the attention of the DIY community. Therefore I did research how to approach this community of ambitious people. I looked at how different DIY sites work as, pinterest and instructables and made a hypothese how to approach this community in the best way. This approach is retrievable in my final concept. With this approach I developed myself in this competency.

Future plan:

To focus even more on my vision I want to focus on innovation in different cultures more. I will keep track of the current trends. I will follow trend blogs as 360inspiraton.nl to be aware of the current developments. I have no smart goals yet for this competency but maybe I will form some with my new project in mind.

User Focus Perspective

This image shows an abstract visualisation of a Braun product that is an icon in the design world © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

User Focus Perspective

IseeIknow Practise screen

For the knowledge-management and e learning application IseeIknow, I redesigned the “practice screen”. This is the most used screen in the application used by people on the executive workplace. The screen had to be clear and approachable for everyone. With this research and continuous iterations I made an interface that fit this needs. With this process I improved myself in the User Focus Perspective competency.

Final Concept Project

For my final concept I build the platform for the DIY community. My goals were to make the interface as intuitive as possible, so the functions and ideas should be clear. It had to be clear where to focus and where to look if you need something. The result can be seen on protei.nl. With this process I improved myself in the scope of User Focus Perspective.

Forms and Senses

This image shows an abstract visualisation of the protei catamaran I've made in my project © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Form and Senses

Project “boat design”

In this project I made several iterations of my boat. I also made sketches of the boat in my dummy and translated it to SolidWorks to explain and illustrate a realistic picture of my boat. However this was not a esthetic design challenge, it was a process where I became more aware of linking the forms to functions. In this perspective I researched different forms of boats and tried to illustrate the positive and negative aspects of each form blueprint. In this way the functional-form awareness made growth for me.

Project “Community Platform”

For the community platform for protei I made some web designs. This is something that should communicate the idea behind the platform and should be a functional and intuitive design. With these two main challenges I designed the platform. With this process of webdesign I’m relatively developed. But the fact I had no real client that gives his input on design gave me the opportunity to design within my own vision. I also didn’t have to take into account all the browsers that usually are limited. Within this platform I could use the latest technologies and made something conceptual and futuristic. Due to this two facts I could do many more and that helped me to develop my design skills.

Future plans

My future plans within the scope of Forms and Senses are to develop myself more in the forms and senses of materials and tangible products. I will do this with a small SDL project or an assignment.

Design and Research Processes

This image shows an abstract visualisation of owl showing perspective in its vision © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Design and Research Processes

Within my project I tried to iterate quickly and form structurally concepts out of ideas. I also investigated a lot on already existing ideas and concept within the protei community. This helped me to get an overview of what already is there and what I could to. This resulted in a coherent final concept. In this way I developed myself in the scope of Design and Research Processes.

Teamwork and Communication

This image shows an abstract visualisation of a top phone, the reinvented phone horn for mobile devices © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Teamwork and Communication


In the first quartile everyone was still together working on a shared goal. While having the midterm presentation we found out that our concepts, focusing on the same goal, differed too much. In the second quartile we split up and worked for ourselves. We still helped each other with giving feedback. But we all chose our own path.


I read the book, redesigning the web of Smashing Magazine. With this book I tried to improve my English skills.

While last year there were several comments about my English skills, there were more positive comments this semester. My coached mentioned that my English was fine but had a few grammatical errors. I also questioned a fellow student David to write some feedback about my English:

“I have known Willem for almost 2 years now. In the beginning Willem came across quite shy, scared to share his ideas, overtime however I have seen his communication skills improve. With more confidence in the English language, he can pronounce and articulate his ideas much better. He still does have a lot of room for improvement but I have definitely seen a difference. Kudos!!”

Future Plans

I investigated the possibilities to attend language courses at the tue. However these courses will fill three mornings weekly. This will be very intensive and maybe I will have not enough time anymore for projects and assignments. I will look for some lessons in the evening that will help me with my English communication skills.

Business Process Design

This image shows an abstract visualisation of a fortunate medieval city © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Business Process Design

For WanBuyOne, read more in SDL about WanBuyOne, I made several business models that will implemented in the platform in different fases. This because they depend on the quantity of people participating in the concepts. When developing these businessmodels I developed myself in the scope of Business Process Design.

Self directed learning

This image shows an abstract visualisation of a growing leaf © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Self Directed Learning

Personal discipline

I structurally wrote reflections when making an (important) development. Hereby I made a structurized overview of what I learned. Also, when doing this I’m more aware of what I’m doing and what I actually learned and what I could do better in the future.

I also did this in the B12 semester so this is not a really development.

What I did see as a development that I did a whole project (mostly) on my own. I learned about every process within this project and this forced me to workout every part of it.

Descriptive Mathematical Modeling

This image shows an abstract visualisation of a few rules of code of this website © Willem Rabsztyn 2013

Descriptive Mathematical Modeling

Within this competency I’ve developed myself within Protei when programming the code to make the protei boat intelligent.

I also developed myself related to this competency when I programmed for WanBuyOne in a MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure.