Willem Roman Rabsztyn

Analyzing the current trends is essential to prospect the opportunities of tomorrow.



Besides my goals within the different competencies I hope that I will be enrolled through the following project;

  • Growing systems – making the virtual city accessible in the physical (DPI42)

Growing systems – making the virtual city accessible in the physical

When enrolled to this project, this would be the ultimate chance to combine my web-development experience with an Industrial Design approach and maybe product. Therefore, this project would be very interesting for me.


This semester I did form some more concrete goals, because I now more and more have explored different possibilities within competencies.

I will expand those goals when writing my PDP the upcoming SDL week, and chance them into SMART goals.

  • Researching the current internet society and finding opportunities for new services or products linking this social internet behaviour
  • Improve my English skills with courses
  • Craft something creative to express myself
  • Make a product movie
  • Improve idea visualization skills with the sketching assignment
  • Develop myself more in the financial aspect of industrial design with DG505

Longterm future

While doing this Industrial Design study I notice that I develop myself in a way of thinking about new products and services. Industrial Design is changing my mind in a way I see things different then before. For example, when I'm walking in the Albert Heijn to do my grocery, I look at the product packaging and think about why they should have made it like this way and what target group they want to adress. Another example is while being at the railway station looking at the trains. I really see how a train, or a part of a train should look in Solidworks.

I like this way of thinking and I'm sure this would contribute to my desires in my vision, to see opportunities and try to full fill them.

Thereby I'm thinking about to do an extra bachelor in a business or innovatoin area, after finishing my Industrial Design bachelor.

Doing a business bachelor I combine the way of thinking learned at Industrial Design. In this way I would develop myself in a creative but businessminded person. This would be very interesting for companies when they want to hire me. Or.. maybe I will continue my own concepts within my company...