Willem Roman Rabsztyn

Analyzing the current trends is essential to prospect the opportunities of tomorrow.


Something Personal.

Hi! I'm Willem Rabsztyn. I'm twenty years old and I live in Eindhoven. I was born in the city of Amersfoort and I grew up in Deventer (Overijssel).

My main goal every day is to spend every second of my time useful. And to try something new as often as possible. Therefore I'm aside from a driven Industrial Design student, a young internet entrepreneur at kazimi.nl and wanbuyone.nl.

Aside from my study and work I also like sports, I'm practicing some workouts in the gym with friends and want to restart boxing soon. When there is a good and strong wind I'll go out kitesurfing with a friend.

I also like to cook different recipes with my girlfriend and travel around the world to see and experience lots of new things, places, activities and views.

As a webdeveloper, owning the company Kazimi and WanBuyOne. I'm working on two parts of this business field. I develop websites and webshops for my customers, and I generate lots of ideas with friends of mine. Some of those ideas are becoming true. I enjoy the second part of my work the most. Its making an idea become reality. You maybe can called it a dream become reality, you dream about your ideas and you make then come true

My past

When I was fifteen years old, my webdesign career began. I was challenged by a competition in my high school. Everyone in his/her third year had to make a schoolpaper with a website. I chose to make the website for our group's paper. That was my first introduction to HTML and CSS. I liked the process of building a website and the challenges I had to overcome. After this website for our paper, various of my parent's friends began to ask me to develop their website.

After a while my business became more serious and various companies began to ask me for my knowledge and services.

So I started my own company, and there we are now! I have the most differing, challenging and inspiring projects I always wanted to have. And I like doing my work because I can express myself in my own creative way. In the way of programming something and in the way of designing a website.

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Willem Rabsztyn


  • Open-minded
  • Ambitious
  • Business-minded
  • Positive
  • Venturous
  • Experienced with development of websites/applications
  • Able to resist lots of stress


  • Hard to narrow stuff down
  • Hard to focus on one aspect
  • I can tend to lose sight of the overall picture from time to time
  • My English could use improvement

Personal Development Plan

You can download my PDP here

Personal reflection


If I’m busy in any kind of work, I’m very focused on result. I’m too much seeking for appreciation, and less focused on the process of creating, developing and crafting a product.

I want to change that next half year and focus more on the craft itself. I want to make an usuable object.