Willem Roman Rabsztyn

Analyzing the current trends is essential to prospect the opportunities of tomorrow.



To fill my Self Direct Learning weeks I chose to work on WanBuyOne

WanBuyOne is going to be a marketplace for artists where they can show and sell their work. This is a project of me where I put many time in. I spend almost 4-16 hours a week working on this project. I extend my knowledge and experience about webdevelopment, brainstorming, design, user perspective, marketing and business model generation continuously.

I discussed with my coach if I could do this project as an industrial design activity and reflect. This because I learn many things related to Industrial Design with this project.

Related to my own goals within Industrial Design I achieved the following goals.

I’ve made several business models to improve my “Designing Business Processes”. The percentages in the document below are based on calculations in excel.

Businessplan and calculation can be shown in our meeting or requested in an email

To work them out is of course even harder. Therefore I used my sdl weeks very efficient to make an intuitive design for artist.

Before starting with the development of WanBuyOne (end 2011) I questioned (informal) people that are related to art or that are artists about what they would like to see. The main aim was to create a clean marketplace what intends to feel creative and artsy but not gives a mark on the work it self. The work itself will be presented in a way that the work is the central object of the page.

Besides all these activities I am 80% of the WanBuyOne-time spending on programming the whole project in a layer above Magento. Magento is an ecommerce system that is grown very much over the years and still very modulair build. The modularity in this system makes it possible to build a professional system as this able to perform essential management tasks.

While programming I’m continuous discovering new things what also helped me in other projects, for example this showcase. With this programming and design work for WanBuyOne I develop myself within the competencies Integrated Technology, Descriptive Mathematical Modeling and Forms and Senses.

Isee Iknow practice screen

For the knowledge management system iSee iKnow I got the assignment to redesign the learning interface. Every specific element in the interface was redesigned and discussed about. The target was to create something intuitive and efficient, capable of modular functionality.

With this project I learned to design an intuitive interface fromout the user, the interface was also continuously tested. The provided feedback was used in every iteration concluding to the shown final feedback.

Smart Homes Fair

I worked two days at the Smart Homes Fair in the Evuolon in Eindhoven. Besides the work that I did there I could also visit the fair as a visitor. This gave me opportunities to look for the latest development within home intelligence. This was very interesting because you can see coming the internet and information in more different forms to the user. These developments fits in my vision so, I made some connections with people and spread my business card.

The big trends in this fair were mostly, supporting elderly with living home longer, and automating the house of very rich people.