DG505 Financial aspects of innovative projects

DG505 Financial aspects of innovative projects


My way of thinking within Industrial Design is focused on the business sides of innovative products and services. As I a designer I want to become a designer of feasible products and services that will also be attractive in their business side. This will not exclude that I won’t be able to think about new products and services that will likely be unfeasible in a way of business. Therefore I will generate more awareness of modern and innovative business models in the future.


To be able to understand the essentials of financial aspects of (innovative) projects I chose this assignment. I was (and am) convinced that this assignment would be great to create a foundation of business, money flows and financial knowledge.


Within this assignment I enjoyed the lessons and presentations of Mr. Achard van Enschut, the mini-projects of fellow students and the weekly presentations about the progress within these mini-projects.

Within the weeks I gained experience about the financial dimensions and aspects of setting up new projects, in a new of already existing company.

I became more aware of the financial structures considering a product or service, and the financial structures within a project.

Passing by the weeks we structurally learned about new aspects of financials within company. For me this weekly structured helped me to develop on fresh learned knowledge and techniques.

Regarding my identity and PDP, this awareness of financial structures is a good development, considering my business interest. Within my business ambitions there is quite a big “grey area” of financial facts and experience about real financial structures. Within this assignment I’ve grown within this part and made the “grey are” very less grey.

I sense that I use this awareness of financial aspects within my decision making when designing or developing something. I think more about direct and indirect costs and also consider investments in another way.

For me there is grown awareness within the scope of business plans, business models, financial aspects of business models, money flows and setting op new projects.


Within this assignment I developed myself within:

  • User focus and perspective:
    Creating products and proportioning financial decisions of the users buying this product
  • Designing Business processes
    The financial structures within companies, the impact of projects within companies. And financial aspects of products, like direct and indirect costs.
  • Design and Research Processes
    Decision making based on financial aspects while developing the product or service, considering the user and company. And iterating on within this process.
  • Teamwork and Communication
    The weekly presentations had to be prepared in a group relation. The group complemented each other and supported each other where needed in the divided responsibilities while working on the presentations. Every week we learned new things from each other and the group process went great.

NB: Besides these essential skills of the assignment I also developed myself by the weekly presentation that gave a certain pressure to achieve a certain goal. Also my skills to make my ideas visual are developed. Or more specific, the skill to communicate the business models based on several solid financial calculations, modeled in a spreadsheet (Excel or Google docs).


DG630 Designing for the here and now

DG630 Designing for the here and now


While developing my personal development plan for B22 I found out that I wanted to develop myself more within the scope of Forms and Senses. The most logical way for me was to do this with an assignment with its main focus on Forms and Senses.


While comparing these assignments the assignment that aroused the most interest with me was “Designing for the here and now”. I made this decision because the assignment focused on interaction in his the widest meaning of the word interaction.

The assignment focused on experience, perception and the essence of this explained and stated in different theories about interaction (Frogger framework) and psychology (Gibson)


The assignment was kicked of with an introduction lecture about “The quality of senses”. Within this first lecture we discussed about several philosophies related to design. However this was a bit too much information for me in the first lecture it was interesting to follow, and I did catch up essential information about the philosophies.

Also, in this first lecture we got introduced to the following movie what I found really inspiring and very characteristic for this assignment.

Resonant Interaction from Kevin N. Andersen on Vimeo.

The following weeks we continuously iterating on a concept we developed. For us this was a blanket that wakes you up, and after a few weeks of iterating; a blanket where you could set the time for waking up.

The main focus point within this assignment was product interaction, and really asking why you interact in this way with the product. It helped in my way of thinking about the essential interaction with a product or service, and the following experience of the user.

Related to my PDP and identity it helped me really underpin design decisions considering interaction. The awareness I have gained within this assignment is essential for me when thinking about interaction with product or services. I sense that I already used the awareness when creating my final prototype of my project.

Feedback reflection.

Attitude and reflection

Looking at the feedback of my assignor Mr. Levy, he mentions the same point as other professionals do at my reflections. They are not deep enough, to improve this I would design better. Therefore I structurally wanted to change this in this showcase. Looking at my c-verdict page and the prepared questions for writing reflections I want structurally change this.

However, he also mentioned that my engagement in the assignment was positively active. I really tried to blend in the group and think about feedback for other students.

As a group we also tried to keep a positive attitude. We weekly discussed about the next design steps and tried to consider the feedback from the assignors and group. We improved our prototype weekly making design decisions mainly on the interaction with the product itself.


Considering the feedback of the assignors we could have done more research after the materials using in the prototypes. I agree with the assignors, and this have could be more. Although, we did some explorations in the last weeks using different materials. The rest of the reflection was critical but has also it positive and encouraging sides.


With this assignment I developed myself in the following competencies

  • User focus perspective
    Continuously focusing on interaction with the user and think about this interaction. Also several user tests were taken.
  • Forms and senses
    Considering the design, and the design of interaction of the blanket I developed myself within the competency of forms and senses.
  • Design and Research Processes
    With this new awareness about interaction and design I could make better design decisions in my design process.

DG121 Exploratory Sketching

DG121 Exploratory Sketching

Introduction and motivation

I chose this assignment, because I didn’t feel that comfortable with making drawings and expressing myself on paper. This un-comfortableness
is inhibiting me to explore ideas in my ideation phase of creating concepts. I found it a safe bet to take exploratory sketching as a choice of an assignment. If I would succeed with this assignment I would be able to create more divers ideas of essential forms or precise details of a form, while ideating through sketches.

In the weeks passing by I made weekly progress within sketching. For me in essence it contributed to my development in a way that I dared more to do with the sketching materials. I have now the basic skills to sketch and to feel myself more comfortable when sketching

Sketches carousel

The slideshow below shows a selection of sketches I've made in the assignment Exploratory Sketching.

Reflection on feedback

Some of the parts of my feedback are good other parts of the feedback say that I could have done more in those parts. I agree that some parts ask more investments in sketches. Moreover, some weeks I had more time then other weeks considering deadlines and illness, therefore it is maybe a little unbalanced but I tried to develop myself in the most efficient and best way.


I’m certainly not done yet with sketching and exercising with it. However I’m now more secure when sketching several products, this was my goal and I feel, I’m more comfortable when sketching. In the future I will certainly exercise more with making sketches and iterating. I have now the techniques, rules and some experience to really get me started with sketching.

Within the assignment I gained experience within the following competencies:

  • Self-Directed and Continuous Learning
    Weekly putting many effort in sketching and experimenting a bit.
  • Ideas and Concepts
    Iterating and ideating through sketching
  • Form and Senses
    Exploring forms and designs with sketching products and ideating products.
  • Design and Research Processes
    Creating and exploring designs steps through sketching
  • Teamwork and Communication
    Communicating sketches using markers and other sketching techniques