C verdict

In my previous assessement I got an PC-verdict. The condition of the C verdict consisted of the following:

At expected level noted from feedbacks, but you do not reflect properly and also not involve the critical parts of feedback of coach, course tutor and assignors in yourshowcase.

PC , abstracting, argumentationand writing skills need work in both project (academic ) work and reflections. I would like to see insights and evidence related to theoverall design process and a start of integrative thinking next semester !


As a result of this feedback I took me focused my next semester seriously on the reflection and documentation part.


To document and reflect on events and my process of my project I started a blog (http://rabsztyn.nl) you can find here some reflections about events I attended and posts about project process. With this blog I tried to keep track of my process and also tried to make it communicative interesting for the reader.


Considering the first conditition of my C-verdict about the report. I took that feedback into account while writing the report. However my project process was more a design process than a research process I tried to make the report as academic as possible, including an overview of my process, containing a detailed view of my design decisions. Also a (small) part of research, based on several researches, is included in the report.


Considering the second condition of my C-verdict I attempted to write more and better reflections. Therefore I put up several questions for myself to answer when reflecting about a competency, assignment or the project.

The questions are as following:

Using the blog I got a good overview of my process, to improve the quality of my reflections.