In April I went on a trip to the Milan design week. I enjoyed the design departments in Milan and mainly focused on al the areas in the city. The big fair was for me the least interesting because it was really focused on business. Moreover it was good to see how the “big names” are developing and presenting themselves, in the big “Fiera”.

What I really liked during the week (I spend with my father) were the small departments were the students and small companies were presenting their work. I made lots of pictures (approx. 1000) of materials, forms and techniques. The scope of design in all categories was really interesting to see. From really “analog” chairs to three robots arms serving a robot-made cocktail for you.


Using the awareness about trends gain in the assignment “Trends Cockpit” in B21 I had an eye out to spot and experience the big trends. The overall and biggest trend was, in my opinion, the environment. You can see this translation in durability, design from natural materials and natural forms and senses. The feel of lots of design companies came some where out of the essence of the environment. In many of the designs there was used a lot of wood in rounded and friendly shapes. There were also lots of minimal shapes were you could see there was thought about the essence of the message a product should give.


Personally I really like the developments considering durability and the environment. It gives a positive and conscious feel about the world, I can also appreciate and enjoy design more when I got this feeling of a kind unity with the environment.

Business Model You

During the SDL I subscribed myself to the business model you workshop. This workshop would help you, as participant, to become more aware what you can offer a company. It sketches your personal palette of talents, intrinsic motivations and ambitions that I could use to create value for organizations and companies.

The personal model is build upon a company model focusing on creating value.

Within this model I actually thought about my own values and what I really can offer. I found out that my business experiences create a big part in my personal business model. This model is a really good exercise to create awareness about yourself and helps to define yourself within a business scope.

Communication workshop

To develop myself further within communicating and presenting myself, I subscribed myself to the pitching workshop taking two days. The workshop was divided in 4 lectures about different subjects. For me, it added in my awareness of how you come across when presenting and what is really important to market yourself on the internet.

Gadgeteer workshop

In the beginning of the semester the theme gave us the chance to participate in the workshop Microsoft Gadgeteer. This is a promising and easy-to-use hardware platform that could be really widely used for fast prototyping. I've wrote a blog about it that you can read here.

In this workshop I've learned the first steps of using the gadgeteer hardware, this helped me to broaden my view within the integrated technology competency.

Data visualization workshop

Lucid and MU organized a datavisualization workshop that formed was a nice combination of integrated technology and forms and senses. I learned in this workshop to use data and looking at this from different perspectives. It was also a good exercise to learn new software to analyze data.

Stedelijk museum

In the beginning of the year I went to the Stedelijk museum at Amsterdam, were I saw a lot of art fromout a lot of different subcultures.

Work: WanBuyOne