Our society is evolving every second in a more modern society. New opportunities are continuously being created. Analyzing the current opportunities within the trends is essential to predict the society of tomorrow, and therefore the opportunities of tomorrow. As a designer of products and services I want to master the art of analyzing today and predicting tomorrow. In this way I can see the opportunities of tomorrow and partake in them as a conceptual designer.

The borders border between the digital life and the analog life will transform more vague.

In the future I see more integration of the internet and technology in very divers forms. The borders between technology and daily life will become subtler. The challenge is to fill this evolution in an essential and intuitive way. My challenge is to make people’s life easier and make the life of tomorrow not obtrusive but stress relieving. ”Be connected” should only be in an essential and subtle way. The focus on experiencing daily life should not fade away but should be strengthened.

New technologies can create an impact in the societal context. I want to address those opportunities, and design new intelligent, usable and sustainable products, services and concepts.

How will products and design change our perception of reality, and "the here and now"?

Vision on design

The past time I became more conscious of the way I see design. With my own interpretation of (virtual) objects I shaped my scope of what I want to achieve with design.

I like clean, minimalistic design that tells in their story on their own. Also the color should communicate the message of the design. Design inspired by nature is also very inspirational for me. That also includes mathematical shapes as minerals also behave in a certain way. Besides this, my designs have to be effective in different ways of functionality.

In the future, I want to design basing on the properties of nature and use as less as needed logical elements in my design. Design must be efficient, simple, usable and above all seducing.