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Concept augmented reality playground from Willem Rabsztyn on Vimeo.

Concept augmented reality playground

Growing systems; Ideation

In the growing system project I’m now in at the phase of ideation. We still have a week left from a first concept what we want to make.

I’ve several concepts generated;

Mysterious wall;

The internet is everywhere, there are no travel limits of the internet. Internet is here and in the same time everywhere else over the world. However cities are bound to a specific location. To illustrate the bounderless internet I want to build several big interactive video walls in cities where you see a live abstraction video stream of the movement in another city in the world. This view symbolise the activity in the other city, and connects the two world as a real life mirror.


This makes you curious what is there. When you approach this wall and touch it with your hand a more realisitc view will appear and attracts the attention of people on the other side of the wall. When another person in the other world approaches this wall and also touches it with his hand, a connection between hands, and people, is made. Thereby the both faces will be shown and you made a the other world (city) visible trough this wall.


Connecting the physical worlds trough the virtual world of the internet and make a statement of life all over the world.

Social coffee:

In our small study association you can get coffee. However you never know when the coffee is ready to grab. Therefore I would like to create a kind of platform where people could notice when coffee is ready to grab, and thereby a lot of people together could grab a warm cup of coffee with that a kind of social coherence is created.

Augmented reality playground:

This is a concept of an augmented reality playground using playing cards consisting of an AR tag and image. In this way a strategic game could be played.